Nick and Katie with March in May banner
ARA supports the March Australia movement. This movement expresses a vote of no confidence in Tony Abbott’s government. ARA opposes the human rights, animal rights and environmental abuses of the Abbott government.
We encourage people in Perth to go along to the March Australia rally on Sunday the 22nd of March at midday, Stirling Gardens. ARA will have a stall at this event and we’ll also be marching beyond our banner reading ‘Human rights exploited, animal rights exploited, environmental rights exploited’. If you’re not in Perth, you can find your nearest March Australia event here:

Statement in support of the March Australia movement (pdf).

Animal Rights Advocates (Inc.) is a volunteer-run grass roots animal rights organisation based in Perth, Western Australia. We strongly recognise the links between the oppression of animals and other social justice and environmental causes.  We aim to build coalitions with other organisations that promote social justice and sustainability, to create a better world. Each year we hold a Cruelty Free Festival to promote a vegan, cruelty free lifestyle and give other groups the opportunity to share their message with a receptive audience.
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