Become a Vegan Cheese Warrior!



With fantastic Notzarella cheese now being made in WA, all the Perth vegans have a ready supply of delicious, melty vegan cheese.

Now that Notzarella is available to buy in more places than ever (see www., it is time for Perth’s eateries to get in  on the game.

We need YOU to spread the word about this fantastic vegan cheese!

What can you do? Copy out this letter and email/post/call your favourite pizza

places, Mexican restaurants, Italian restaurants and anywhere else that you

think would be improved by vegan cheese. Send us the email addresses for

businesses to contact and we will also contact them on behalf of Vegan Perth!

Drop us a line at

Tell your friends! Invite people on Facebook to our event page so they can

spread the word. Be our mighty cheese warriors for a cheesier, vegan world.


Pro forma email

Subject: Dairy free, vegan cheese made in WA

To whom it may concern,

I am contacting your business as I am a big fan of the great food you provide.

I was hoping you would consider making your restaurant an even better

experience for those in Perth who do not eat any dairy products. There is now

a great new dairy-free cheese made in WA called Notzarella. In melts, tastes

and looks just like dairy cheese.

Not only is it locally-made and delicious but it is:

• Dairy free

• Lactose free

• Vegan (no animal products)

• Palm-oil free

I am hoping you will consider adding Notzarella to your menu so that even

more people will be able to enjoy your food with delicious cheese. It works

great on [pizza/lasagne/tortillas/burritos/etc]. Little Caesar’s Pizzeria in

Leederville are now serving it and it has been an instant success.

For more information on the cheese you can visit the Notzarella website at or contact the WA distributor, Lee Lin from Vegan Peace

Distributors at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,